Presenting To Difficult, Hostile, Resistant Groups LearnBytes Helpcard (PDF DOWNLOAD)


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Never fear giving a speech to a tough resistant audience with these strategies and tactics.


Preventing to Resistant / Difficult Groups

There are times you have to work or speak with groups who are hostile, mistrustful of you, or simply will react badly to bad news. Are you ready?

Managers do it. HR professionals do it. Executives do it. Even trainers have to do it. You’d better be ready. Particularly during tough times, its necessary to convey bad news to groups, or to work with groups who may be hostile, upset, angry, or difficult. Often group aggression isn’t personal, but people upset about something tend to target the people who are right in front of them.

If you have to deal with difficult groups, even if it’s a rare occurrence, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Presenting To Resistant / Difficult Groups.

You can learn to plan for and deal with even the toughest audience members, the most disruptive hecklers, the interrupters, and agenda hijackers, and you can do so at the same time you actually improve your credibility. In tough times, when many are coping with tough situations, they tend to be more aggressive if you are in the unfortunate position of having to deliver bad news.

If you speak to groups — any groups in any context, we urge you to get your copy now. Not only are the techniques and skills described therein going to help you reduce the upset and pain you will feel in front of a difficult group, but you will also carry out the task more effectively and dampen down the upset and anger.

Content What’s Included:

Presenting To Difficult & Hostile Groups Helpcard is an essential tool for any public speaker or anyone who works with groups. Need to make a presentation to “the brass”? This will help.

Have to talk to a group of people you KNOW aren’t going to be happy about what you need to say? This will help..

It’s a fast way of learning:

  • How to PREVENT heckling
  • How to IMPROVE listening
  • How to DEAL with objections
  • How to MANAGE challenges and confrontation

Learning these advanced speaking and group techniques can help you build better links with your audience, and reduce resistance and objections. Designed so you can review it before each presentation you give.

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