Free Reprints: Use Our Material FREE of Charge Or Hassle

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Since I’ve retired, I’ve decided to allow and encourage people to use my content (from this site) free of charge, and free from permission hassles. There is one condition which you should know about.

Still Forbidden

You may NOT post our material on any public facing internet pages, or social media platforms. In other words, you cannot post our articles where the general public can access them. In the event that a location has both public and private areas, the reprinted content must be password protected.

If you post in public places without permission, you may be invoiced for a reprint fee of $150 U.S.

What You CAN Do

Well almost anything. Here’s a few examples:

  • Reprint to printed newsletters (hard copy)
  • Use in online newsletters that have subscribers
  • Intranet Use: reprinted on “closed to the public” websites used by employees
  • Email to subscribers

What Do I Need To Do To Use Your Material?

Actually, almost nothing. We want it to be simple.

  • The easiest way to capture an article’s content is to use copy and paste (copy the body of the post, then paste it where you need it.
  • You do NOT need to ask permission
  • We appreciate it if you’d let us know what and how you are using the content in a comment box on the article page. It is not a requirement.
  • You must include a statement of copyright similar to:
    Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2024 Robert Bacal
  • Make sure it is clear who the author is. The above copyright statement is sufficient.
  • You may edit the article(s) in minor ways — spellilng, grammar, typos.

I’ll update this file to add hints and tips, and any other information about our reprint program.

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