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While it may not seem the case, it IS possible to acquire the skills to manage one’s own anger. Techniques used in therapy can be applied to the rest of life, particularly modifying self-talk.



How Much Does Your Anger Affect Your Life?

Frustration and anger go with our high stress, high anxiety, too fast world. If you would like to get better at managing your anger, read on.

Almost everyone in today’s society experiences more anger and annoyance than is healthy for them, or those around them. It is possible to be less prone to anger, and to shorten period of anger by using self-talk strategies often taught in anger management classes.

If you work at it self-talk strategies can help you:

  • be less irritated at the small, previously annoying things in life (like standing in lines, rude people).
  • focus your energy on what you can control or affect, rather than fuming away at things you can do nothing about.
  • shorten the periods of time you are angry.
  • Identify your anger triggers, and stop your reactions.
  • take annoying behavior less personally

The outcome is to have less anger, less often, unless anger can be a useful, constructive response.


  • What Are Your Anger Management Goals?
  • What Is Self-Talk
  • Self-Talk To Eliminate and What To Replace It With
  • Eleven Steps to Take To Get A Handle On Your Anger


If your problems come out in either physical violence or verbal abuse, please do NOT purchase this card as a replacement for seeking professional help. Aggressive actions towards other people are NOT normal or healthy and can ruin your life and the lives of others.

If you don’t know where to get help, try calling your local crisis line, since they have a list of community resources in your area.

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