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  1. Unless otherwise indicated all content is authored by Robert Bacal, and is copyright 1998-2024. Reproduction without permission, or reprinting in any form is prohibited.
  2. There are three product types that we sell. First books are available in print format through amazon. We do not sell printed books direct. Next are Kindle books, which are also available via amazon. Finally there are instant downloadable PDF files you can order and grab immediately.
  3. Refunds and returns for printed books or Kindle formatted items are up to amazon. If you have a problem with products in either of these categories, please contact amazon. We have no control over what they do.
  4. Refunds and returns for PDF downloadables are generally not supported. This is because digital products can be copied, or otherwise used in inappropriate ways. Some exceptions apply, because we are nice.
  5. Photos are from their prospective owners/photographers. Credit is given in image title and description.
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