Author: Robert Bacal

Site owner, author, management consultant, trainer, specializing in dealing with difficult, angry, and hostile people.
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Both Parents And Teachers Make These Five Mistakes When Talking To Each Other

…and it’s the kids that suffer When CNN ran a series of articles about what parents want to say to teachers, and what teachers want to say to parents, thousands of comments ensued, many of them aggressive, and attacking —…

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How The Employee Engagement ‘Movement’ Has Failed Both Organizations and Employees

…the diversion of money to support useless employee engagement practices is just one issue. According to estimates by Bersin at Deloitte, companies are spending about three quarters of a billion dollars on attempts to improve “employee engagement, and that number…

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Antidotes to Toxic Communication: Ten Prescriptions In A Nutshell

Toxic communication is often below the level of consciousness and can occur without intending Verbal abuse can take several forms. There’s the in your face yelling and swearing that we are all familiar with. Subtle verbal abuse is a bit…

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The Biggest Myth/Misconception About Communication? — Verbal, Nonverbal, Meharabian, Mehrabian

Verbal and Non-verbal Contributions To Meaning Poor old Albert Mehrabian. His research on the contributions of verbal and nonverbal components of communication are the most misunderstood, misattributed, and confused amongst all the communications discussions around the world. And what’s worse, they…

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A Vision of Customer Service For THIS Millennium

…The traditional approach to customer service sure as hell isn’t resulting in better service, so something different needs to happen November 11 is a day to remember and honor those who fought for our freedoms and quality of life, and…

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Five Steps To Being A Superstar Teammate

The steps are simple to think about, and hard to actually put in place. Are you up for it? Stop The Blaming Cycle Often teams get bogged down in blaming members when things go wrong. As a team member you…