Perfect Phrases For Managing A Small Business (KINDLE)


If you are thinking of starting a small business, this is a great starting spot, since i contains lots of hints about how to set up a business.


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Perfect Phrases For Small Business (McGraw-Hill)

A powerful, but mistitled book for small business owners. When McGraw-Hill approached me to do a Perfect Phrases book for small business, my first reaction was “Well, PHRASES only?” It just didn’t make sense, but since I’ve run a successful small business for almost 20 years, and you just don’t turn down opportunities to write books, I said “Yes”. Then I (and co-writer Nancy Moore) had to figure out how to make the book really good, and useful. The outcome was this little book with so many tips for prospective and current small business owners, and selling for under ten dollars.

We included topics like “Are you ready to own your small business”, and “How to write a strategic plan, or a business plan for the bank”, and on through customer service, accounting, and pretty much anything we could think of that could help small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Only nobody’s bought the book.

The title doesn’t reflect the quality and scope of the content, and that’s unfortunate. Still, it’s in print, but who knows for how long, and I promise you that you will find value in this book if you want to start your own business, or if you own one. It will help you mistake-proof yourself, so you can avoid the common, and less common mistakes that sink businesses.

Yes, I know, promises, promises. Since amazon sells this book at a lower price than we can, we don’t sell this title direct to customers, so, your best bet is to use the link below to get your copy from there. Sheesh, TEN dollars!?

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