How To Get Along With Almost Anyone Helpcard (PDF DOWNLOAD)


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Some simple, yet practical methods to improve your relationships, and prevent disagreements from turning into destructive conflict.


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How To Get Along With Almost Anyone Helpcard

Learn To Prevent Unnecessary Conflict At Work & Home

The Point: If you’ve ever met someone who seems to get along with everyone while not acting like a total dishrag, you might have wondered what it is they do to create such great relationships. The truth is that it’s likely they are actually communicating quite differently compared to people who seem to create conflict wherever they go. How To Get Along With Almost Anyone Helpcard teaches you some of the techniques used by these successful people to reduce conflict and create better relationships at home or at work.

What’s In It: The Getting Along With Almost Anyone Help Card is based on a research project to identify how what you say and how you say it affects your relationship with people around you. We’ve identified a number of things that you should NOT say, and suggestions as to how you can use language in a way that helps people relate to you more effectively, and reduce conflict with others.

This help card provides practical tips and suggestions about how you can improve your relationships by making some small changes in the ways you communicate. We’ve taught these techniques to thousands of people through our seminars. Now you you learn them with a minimum of reading and fuss. All it takes is our help card and a commitment to work on your language habits.

A fast way of learning, the card outlines:

  • A summary of communication principles you may not have come across in run of the mill seminars and publications.
  • A list of common phrases and words that you should avoid since they are guaranteed to create friction with other people.
  • Not only do we tell you what NOT to say, but we also give you alternative ways of saying similiar things that do not cause problems in relationships.

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