The Responsive Manager / Leader: Key to Loyalty and Productivity (Download)


Responsiveness refers to the degree to which a person (in our case, management) can react and respond to employee concerns and issues, and actually demonstrate listening and concern.



The Responsive Manager / Leader). Key to Loyalty and Productivity

“Responsiveness may just be one of the essential leadership or managerial behaviors required to gain trust and credibility.”

Why do some managers and leaders inspire loyalty and effort above and beyond the call in their employees?
It’s not magic, and probably the answer isn’t simple, but here’s one piece of the puzzle. Those “special leaders and managers in business” tend to show a behavioral trait called responsiveness. They tend to interact with employees in ways that make them feel valued, wanted, and listened to. The good news is that becoming more responsive isn’t difficult provided you are willing to assess your own behaviors, particularly how you interact and communicate with people around you.

The Responsive Manager Helpcard will provide you with the basic information to increase your responsiveness, and thus your ability to lead others. That means, simply that employees will work harder on your behalf.


What’s included?

  • What is responsive management?
  • Where psychological and work related needs fit?
  • The core element – withitness
  • Barriers to responsiveness
  • The responsive manager’s creed
  • The responsive manager’s checklist

Here’s a quote from the actual card:

Successful managers and leaders become and remain successful by creating trust and respect between themselves, their staff, colleagues and their own bosses.

They do this by acquiring and using a set of skills, attitudes and abilities that are called “The Responsiveness Skill Set”. The responsive manager is able to lead more effectively, because s/he is perceived as concerned about the welfare and success of others.

There are so many ideas about what constitutes effective leadership, some of them contradictory, so in a sense, nobody knows the magic recipe that works for all people in all situations. So, you have to get ideas from a number of different sources, and take what makes sense to you.

That said, if you want a sense of one of the “close to magic” recipes, responsiveness may be it, and it has to do with the manager or leader’s ability to identify AND respond to the stated and unstated needs of those around them. It works on a number of levels, from how you greet employees who approach you, to developing policies and procedures that really do meet the needs of those you are charged to lead.

We’re proud to offer you this condensed information on how responsive works.

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