Learn To Fight Fair LearnBytes Helpcard (DOWNLOAD PDF)


The single most important thing to make relationships last is to master and encourage fighting fair when disagreement occurs. Here is all you need to start building your argument skills.



Learn To Fight Fair Helpcard

When you argue, is your goal to win even if the other person gets hurt?

If so, you are at risk of losing the people who are most important in your life, at home and at work. Divorces are way to frequent and one reason is that couples don’t know how to disagree without hurting each other. It’s the same at work. Can you afford to alienate your boss, or co-workers? Are you willing to deal with that pain over the long haul?

Hopefully not!

We all have conflict at home and at work. What counts is how we choose to handle it.
No relationship is without fighting and arguing. What distinguishes relationships that work from those that don’t is how the arguing is done. You can learn to fight fair, and actually reduce the negative effects of disagreement while reducing the chances of arguments in the future.

Many of us haven’t had a chance to learn fair fighting. Even the best of us sometimes strike out in anger, at least verbally, and poison the environment that, if we took time to think, we care about.

That brings us to our Learn To Fight Fair Helpcard, a fast way to learn what to do and not do — and something you can share with others you tend to argue with; friends, family or co-workers

Written by conflict expert author Robert Bacal, Learn To Fight Fair Helpcard provides you with specific instructions so you can argue, disagree, and even fight in constructive ways that will enhance the relationships, rather than destroy it. This 2 sided 8.5 x 11 inch card describes the fifteen “dirty fighting” techniques you need to eliminate, and over eighteen specific techniques you can use today to “fight fair”. Here’s how it’s broken down:

  • Introduction to Fighting Fair
  • Fighting Fair In A Nutshell
  • Eliminating Dirty Fighting
  • Arguing Constructively
  • Specific Fight Fair Techniques
  • Planning To Fight Fair

Each of these strategies is explained.

Take the first step in building a better, harmonious relationship with those you care about. For the sake of your spouse. For the sake of your children. For the sake of your coworkers. But above all, for YOUR sake.

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