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Learn to execute a strategic planning process to both plan for the future, and get employee engagement. Contains a strategic planning model, explanation, and tips to make strategic planning work. No more plan lost in the back of a drawer.


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The Strategic Planning Mini-Guide: An Integrated Strategic Planning Model PLUS Making Your Strategic Plan A Living, Relevant Influence

We’ve combined two of our popular LearnByte Mini-Guides on strategic planning to bring together a roadmap for developing and making your strategic plan, and most importantly, ensuring it doesn’t just sit, forgotten and irrelevant in the back of various dusty desk drawers.

The Integrated Strategic Planning Model

You’ll learn how a strategic plan integrates with everything an organization does, and how it links up with

Training and Development
Employee Engagement and Motivation (Meaning In Work)
Performance Reviews, Goals Setting and Cascading Work Goals
Human Resource Planning
…and more.

We map out the steps in planning, and while we suggest you consider including all of them, you CAN trim down the process to suit your needs and available time.

Making Strategic Planning Work

The Point: In leading strategic planning sessions, I noticed two problems: First, it was difficult to actually explain strategic planning in everyday language, and help people see how it can be used in real life to make a real difference in what people do every day. The second problem was that people tended to forget that just doing a plan is worthless without serious followup after the fact. So I created two quick-read helpcards on the subject to deal with these issues. This card, the second of the two part set, explains what managers, leaders and staff must do to make strategic plans come alive.

What’s In It: Written by consultant and and author Robert Bacal, Making Strategic Planning Work offers a number of suggestions to help you ensure your strategic plan becomes a dynamic document that can be used to make everyday decisions. If strategic planning is to be useful, it must result in an understanding of how strategic direction links to the everday decisions made by EVERYONE in the organization. This card teaches you the essentials of doing this.

In addition to these essential tactics, this card contains a complete diagram of the entire strategic + tactical planning process, so you can ensure that your planning process is complete.

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