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If you want your boss to take you more seriously and give you the respect you deserve, you need to know how and when to communicate with him or her to get the maximum result. You’ll find PRACTICAL strategies here in this quick read.



Secrets Of Getting A Raise, Or Getting Ideas Across To Boss – Getting Heard LearnBytes Helpcard

Do you want a raise? More responsibility? Want to be taken seriously by your manager or boss? Here’s how!

It’s a common complaint and It feels lousy. “I can’t get my boss to listen to me“, or, “My manager doesn’t understand, or even try to listen when I talk“, or, “I can’t get my manager to understand WHY I deserve a raise”. Often the problem isn’t so much that your manager doesn’t care, but that he or she is busy and distracted, and you aren’t approaching him or her to BE heard.

If you want to impress your manager, and who doesn’t want to follow that path to more recognition, promotion and receiving the salary you deserve, you can learn a number of techniques to super-charge your discussions with your manager or supervisor. They aren’t difficult to master, and you’ll be amazed at how applying important communication principles will make such a huge difference in establishing a positive, listening relationship.

We’ll teach you how. AND, we can teach you how in less than thirty minutes.. They key is for YOU to understand exactly how to approach your manager to best be heard, and to get what you want.

Based on discussions with hundreds of managers and executives, we’ve pulled together the best strategies so YOU can be heard, be recognized, and even increase your contributions to your team.

Our Influencing The Boss – Getting Heard Learnbytes Helpcard will teach you:

  • When to approach your manager for important conversations
  • What to say, and how to say it
  • How to get managerial buy-in and commitment to your ideas and suggestions
  • How to use what you know about your manager to get him or her to sit up and LISTEN
  • How to increase your credibility
  • How to react if your supervisor or manager rejects what you want
  • How to quickly get the attention of your boss
  • How to help your boss pick out the key points and value of what you have to say

Free Video On Communicating With Your Manager

Here are some tips and advice in video form, and based on our LearnBytes Helpcard


Psst! For Managers, There’s Benefits Too

If you want your staff to save time, and help them get their ideas across to you, to maximize their contributions, consider licensing copies of our Influencing The Boss LearnBytes and give a copy to each of your staff members. We offer bulk discounts, so it can cost only a few dollars per employee. Help them to help you help them. Ideal for using as a basis for group discussions, too.

Do You Deliver Career Development Seminars and Training? Or Communication Skills

Use our LearnBytes as a basis for teaching how to communicate effectively with managers. In fact, the skills imparted here are applicable to many other settings, since they are based on sound psycyhological and communication theory and practices. Again, bulk discounts apply.

Get It Now! You ARE Worth Listening To

Learning these advanced communication principles can help you get your ideas adopted and used in the workplace, enhance your career, and improve you job satisfaction. There’s an art to breaking through your boss’s resistance, and you can learn how in a remarkably short time.

It’s time. Make it your time to shine. For less than ten dollars you can learn the secret to getting what you want from your boss or manager, whether it’s a promotion, more responsibility, a raise, or to have your ideas listened to and acknowledged. Get your copy now, and you can download it immediately.

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Robert Bacal is a communication expert, consultant, international book author, and has been training people to communicate more effectively for over twenty five years. His books have sold over 400,000 copies around the world, via McGraw-Hill

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