Performance Appraisal For Managers – Stop The Pain! LearnBytes (DOWNLOAD PDF)


If you need a quick set of strategies and tactics to make performance appraisals less painful and more beneficial here’s a great starting point.



Performance Appraisal For Managers Helpcard – A complete overview of the appraisal and performance management process. Make the process work!

Invaluable advice on how to manage and evaluate performance painlessly.

Learn how to make performance appraisals painless and valuable so everyone wins.
There’s no need to dread performance appraisals, provided you’ve created the foundation for success. You can set up a system where appraisals are painless, constructive, and actually help employees become more productive.

That means less work and hassle for you. Performance Appraisal For Managers Helpcard is an ideal resource for busy people.

We’ve taken the most important material from Robert Bacal’s best-selling books on performance management and appraisal, and put them on a job aid/tool to help managers create and use an appraisal process that is painless, and is more likely to help the company, employee, and, of course, the manager. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Performance Appraisal – What Is It?
  • Benefits To Manager and Company
  • Benefits To Employee
  • Guiding Principles
  • The Steps Outlined (and Tips)

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