Imperfect Phrases For Relationships: 101 COMMON Things You Should Never Say… (PDF Download))


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Supercharge your relationships at home and at work by altering some of the words and phrases you use, particularly in emotionally charged situations.


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You Are In This Book! And, you ARE Damaging Your Relationships With The Words You Use

Because human beings learn to use language as children, we’re ALL prone to communication and conflict mistakes as adults. We say the wrong things. We send messages we don’t intent to send. We get reactions that both surpise us and cause grief for ourselves. Worse, though, our ineffective language habits damage our relationships with spouses, children, other family members, friends and at work with colleagues and “superiors”. Sometimes the damage is minor. Sometimes relationships founder on the rocks of consistently bad ways of talking. Regardless if you find yourself in unnecessary arguments, or unable to solve sticky and persistent issues in your marriage, dating relationships and family, here’s a solution.

Imperfect Phrases For Relationships: 101 COMMON Things You Should Never Say To Someone Important To You…And What To Say Instead is a unique, practical and hands-on book that will teach you what NOT to say, and how to replace “imperfect phrase” (ones that harm relationships), with effective phrases. Rather than deluging you with theories and principles, this book contains one hundred and one phrases to eliminate, and provides better options, so you no longer end up in arguments that waste time and energy. It’s compact, to the point, and you can start improving your relationships NOW.

Take advantage of the suggested activities to use this book with your significant other so you can learn together, or use it on your own to improve existing relationships, and start new ones off on the right foot.

Use it on your own, or with someone important to you!

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