One-To-One Training For Small Business Helpcard (PDF DOWNLOAD)


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If you have to train or coach staff on a one to one basis, this tool will help you understand and apply the basics of helping other people learn.



Training is an important function in any small business. Here are some principles and roadmaps to help you train employees in your small business.

Even if you hire the right person, you still need to train the employee so he or she knows how YOU need things done.
If you manage or own a small business you must train your employees effectively to make sure your business runs at peak efficiency. You don’t have to be a professional trainer to help your employees develop the skills and understanding they need to do their jobs the way YOU want. Still, the more you understand about training and learning, the easier it will be to train your staff.

One-2-One Training For Small Business Helpcard addresses your need to learn the basics of training so you can get your employees up to speed. By following the guiding suggestions, you’ll end up with more competent employees, and have less of a need to “supervise” them all the time.

Written by training expert and instructional designer, Robert Bacal, these step-by-step instructions provide a roadmap for improving the skills of your employees — the skills you need your employees to have so they can contribute to your business success. Here’s what’s included::

Determining what your employees need to know
Preparing to train — Breaking down the job tasks
Assessing where the “employee is at” now
Explaining the context and reasoning behind how things need to be done
Demonstrating, part-whole-part training, and providing feedback
Following up on the job

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