If It Wasn’t For The Customers I’d Really Like This Job (IN PRINT)


Answers the question: How do I respond to customers who are insulting, aggressive, or otherwise very difficult? It may seem these situations are hopeless but techniques in this book will help you save time, stay cool, all while being professional.


If It Wasn’t For The Customers, I’d Really Like This Job: Stop Angry, Hostile Customers COLD While Remaining Professional, Stress Free, Efficient and Cool As A Cucumber!

If difficult, angry, hostile, manipulative and problematic customers are your problem, here’s the solution.

Quickly, answer these questions to see if this book is for you:

  • Do you deal with angry, frustrated or angry customers once a month or more?
  • Do you get angry, stressed or fed up as a result of your customers?
  • Have you ever said, after dealing with a customers, “I SHOULD have said…”
  • Do you find yourself thinking about a difficult customer AFTER that person is gone, or later in the day?
  • Would your job be more enjoyable if only the customers weren’t so demanding, aggressive, or unpleasant?
  • Do you provide rent free space in your head to customers who don’t treat you as well as you’d like?
  • Do you want to deal with angry, frustrated, manipulative customers quickly, and professionally?
  • Have you ever regretted something you’ve said to a customer or had your manager comment on mistakes you made with customers

f you answered YES to ANY of these, invest and get this book now. Guaranteed you WILL learn some new techniques you’ve never tried to get control of difficult customer service situations, and you’ll be able to start learning and applying them immediately. Here are a few things you will learn from the 120+ tactics included in this 188 page, 8×10 inch book

What You WILL Learn

  • Politely stop a customer’s ranting over the phone
  • Combine techniques to cut down the amount of time you spend with an angry customer while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction
  • Respond to personal insults made by customers
  • Bring a conversation that’s going nowhere to an end without offending the customer
  • Stop an aggressive customer “cold” by applying a number of known psychological factors
  • Team up with a co-worker to defuse even the most demanding customers
  • Control yourself in the face of your own stress and frustration when dealing with a “tough customer”
  • Set limits for customers and enforce them
  • Use email effectively for customer service and know when to rely on it or switch to the phone
  • Understand the limits of social media with respect to customer service
  • Get noticed by your customers, co-workers and manager as someone who is “cool as a cucumber” under pressure

Some of the Unique Content

  • Nature of Hostile Behavior
  • How Hostile Situations Escalate
  • Principles of Defusing
  • Art of Self-Control
  • Starting Off Successfully
  • Using Cooperative Language
  • Verbal Self-Defense Tactics
  • Countering Non-Verbal Intimidation
  • Referral Techniques
  • Telephone Hostility
  • Limit Setting and Following Through
  • Special Chapter For Supervisors and Managers
  • Use of Social Networks/Platforms For Customer Service and Their Limitations
  • Presenting To Resistant, Angry or Resistant GROUPS of clients/customers/audience.

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