Leveraging Your Cost Free Advantage: Better Customer Experience Via “Small Ball”

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Presentation: Free Slide Deck

It’s often the case that small businesses exist in a market that includes at least one, and often many other LARGE businesses or chains.

On the surface of it, it would seem that the small business is in competition with these giants, but that’s more of an illusion or a poor business strategy, rather than a reality.

Small businesses do not want to compete with the giants on the home field of the larger corporation.

Small businesses have unique capabilities, and can do things big business cannot, particularly when it comes to the experiences customers have.

The key is simple: Don’t go head to head on features or business elements where large firms hold an advantage.

Define YOUR strengths, and Capitalize On Them.

For Those That Want The Principles In Brief

Below is a PDF of the presentation slides I used at an address to the Burlington Downtown Business Association in April, 2016.

It maps out part of a business strategy that involves doing the little things better to improve customer experience.

If you are having trouble viewing it below click here to open the PDF document on its own.

[flipbook pdf=”https://work911.com/burlington.pdf”]

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