Small Businesses Competing With Big Companies And Winning

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How Small Businesses Can Go Up Against Large Companies and Prosper

If you’ve owned or operated a small business, you know that in almost every sector, there are a few giant corporations that appear to dominate a market. Whether it’s groceries, hair stylists or law firms, the large companies have some significant advantages over small business:

  • larger buying power allows larger variety of goods and services
  • large companies get better prices, so they can offer better prices to customers
  • large marketing budgets
  • better brand awareness in the market
  • more varied expertise and internal resources

Yet Small Businesses Still Exist and Can Prosper

Despite these advantages, small businesses still constitute a huge part of the economy, and many thrive and even grow over time.

That’s because small business that are run effectively, and according to good business strategies, have as many if not more advantages over large corporations.

From here, you’ll be able to learn about some of the “built-in advantages small business have over their larger competition, plus how to leverage those advantages in YOUR business.

The most important thing to remember as you go through the material here is that:

While small businesses have very important advantages, those advantages must be capitalized on intentionally, and by design by business owners. The fact that you have some potential advantages does not mean benefits will accrue. You need to use these “levers” properly.

That’s what we’re going to teach you here.

David Vs. Goliath Guiding Strategies For Small Business

Let’s look at our starting point for winning in a “big” world.

What Your Customers And Potential Customers Want From You
People crave personal connections in a world where everything is digital. Use this craving to provide an experience the big companies cannot come close to.

Distance & Connection: The Lever That Small Businesses Need to Understand
Your biggest “small business advantage” is that you are much closer to your employees, suppliers, and customers than the decision-makers in large businesses. Learn how to capitalize on this intrinsic advantage.

Small Ball Applied To Your Small Business
Small balls is a term from baseball that involves doing the small things — the basics, properly, so that it’s possible to compete and defeat teams that have more money and start power. Apply this in your small business strategy.

Leveraging The Internet For Small Business
On the Internet, it’s possible to be perceived by customers as equivalent to much larger companies. The Internet has, in many ways, created a more level playing field.

Creative Small Business Partnerships That Create Synergy
By working together small businesses can market, cross-refer and work together to support each other in ways that large companies cannot do.

Presentation Notes: Leveraging you Cost Free Advantage: Better Customer Experience Via “Small Ball”

Some Small Business Case Studies On Competing With The Big Companies

The Small Town Bakery: One Fails, But Another Succeeds In The Same Location

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