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Understanding Your Communication INTENT vs. the Communication MEANING

Learning More About The Power of Language For more on interpersonal and business communication (including social media) visit the Communication Resource Center If there’s a best jumping off point for learning about the power of language, and fine tuning how…

What You Need To Know About Using WordPress For Your Small Business

It’s A Trade off For Small Businesses Using WordPress When I search online for a service, menu or product, I often end up on WordPress sites that literally make me cringe. Many of them consist of one or two pages,…

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What You Don’t Say Determines The Quality Of Your Communication & Relationships

We know that “good” talk smooths and builds relationships, whether with family, or friends or in the workplace. Supportive listening and compliments are important in building a good foundation of trust and mutual respect. Yet there’s the other side of the…

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Social Media Not Enough: Eight More Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

(Second in a series on why small businesses should not rely on social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook.) The first in the series is available here.) #8 Your Profile/About Page On social media your profile is the main way…

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Social Media Not Enough For Small Business: You Need A Website

20 Reasons You Need A Website For Your Business: Social Media Presence Is NOT Enough These days most small businesses jump into the social media space — primarily on Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebee and other similar platforms. They lose out on…

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Toxic Organizations Cause Conflict — The Remedy Is Leadership

Welcome to the fire of an unhealthy workplace. Leadership may be the cure Summary: Some organizations have climates that are unhealthy for those that work in them. We call these organizations toxic organizations. Within toxic organizations conflict thrives like weeds….