Free: Imperfect Phrases 21-30 and What To Replace Them With

Here are ten phrases you should never use in any kind of relationship at home or in the workplace, if you value the other person. These words are documented as being harmful because they are patronizing, passive aggressive, or otherwise cause arguments to occur when the arguments are pointless.

I Definitely (Absolute certainty causes others to bring you down a peg)

I Don’t Care (However you use this it blots out anything positive)

I Don’t Make Those Kinds of Mistakes (Another phrase that suggests you are perfect)

I Don’t Want To Start An Argument (Almost always used to start an argument anyway)

I Give Up (The vagueness here is cruel)

I Told You So (So tempting to throw your “expertise” in someone’s face, and it cause the other person to feel aggressive.

I Tried That and It’s A Waste of Time (Negative, conversation stopper makes you unpleasant to be around if that’s how you communicate generally)

If You Really… (One of our top ten worst phrases, it’s passive-aggressive and involves fighting dirty)

I’m Doing My Best (Believe it or not an expression of helplessness and weakness, since it is often said in a pleading way)

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