Free: 11-20 Imperfect Phrases And How To Replace Them

Here is the next ten “imperfect phrases” you need to eliminate/replace so as to reduce the chances of instigating or continuing a destructive conversation of argument.

Are you starting to see a trend here? Notice that there are 3 clear instances of the use of the imperative, or command mode (e.g. Don’t…) That’s pretty common. There’s also some good examples of using questions not so much for clarification and soliciting input, but for expressing opinions or observations that are negative in nature. Both these tactics are bound to elicit anger in others.

  1. Don’t Do Me Any Favor
  2. Don’t Take It So Seriously
  3. Don’t Take This The Wrong Way, But…
  4. Don’t You Realize…?
  5. Every Time We…
  6. Everyone Agrees With Me
  7. Get Off My Back
  8. How Can You Say You Won’t…?
  9. How Many Times Have I Told You…
  10. How The Hell Should I Know

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