Free Chapters From ImPerfect Phrases For Relationships: 101 COMMON Things You Should Never Say To Someone Important To You… And What To Say Instead

The research on successful relationships and marriages is clear. It’s not WHAT you argue about, but what you SAY, that predicts whether your relationship will last.

Sure, your tone is important, but your words and phrases make a huge difference in whether you’ll have a rocky relationship, or one that gets better and better over time as you build bridges and harmony with your words.

We don’t learn about words and phrases that create peaceful relationships and those that are “fightin’ words, so most of us DO use language in ways that provoke conflict, and make it hard to resolve disagreements. That’s where this book comes in.

What’s In The Book

We’ve identified 101 words and phrases that are “fighting words” — that set you up for arguing about how you communicate rather than how to solve the issue. You’ll be amazed at how many of these phrases regularly sneak into your conversations, and how damaging they are. We’ll teach you how to identify those phrases, and work to eliminate them from your conversations, and explain how you will benefit in your relationships with your partner, spouse, other family members, and even your work relationships.

What’s even more important is you will learn what to say instead of the “fightin’ words”. For every common bad phrasing, there are several much better phrasings, so we’ll teach those to you. And, you’ll learn why some phrases cause conflict and unpleasant, pointless arguments, and why some phrases build trust, intimacy and harmony.

Take advantage of the suggested activities to use this book with your significant other so you can learn together, or use it on your own to improve existing relationships, and start new ones off on the right foot. Use it on your own, or with someone important to you. The power of working through this book together will amaze you.

Altering what you say to each other is one of the most simple, powerful and practical techniques to improve your relationship. Anyone can do it, and you don’t have to see a therapist to do it! It works in marriages, and also in dating relationships, and it makes no difference how old you are. It’s never too early or to late to learn how to have harmonious relationships!

Click here to open up your sample copy pages from this book, and start learning and applying these communication skills.

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