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THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR EVERY SITUATION . . . EVERY TIME You’ve heard it a million times: “The customer is always right.” But let’s face it–sometimes the customer is misinformed, confused, or downright difficult. The ability to handle such customers is what separates the serious professional from the average employee. Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, second edition, provides the language you need for everyday customer service situations–and includes simple, effective techniques that can help you meet even the most demanding customer needs. Master the most effective words and phrases for:

  • Defusing bad situations before they get worse: “Mastering the art of turning ‘uh-oh’ to ‘aha’ without breaking a sweat.”
  • Handling complaints patiently and professionally: “Navigating through complaints like a zen master, with a sprinkle of fabulous customer service charm.”
  • Satisfying customers and increasing sales: “Bringing smiles to customers’ faces and watching sales numbers do the happy dance.”
  • Building long-term relationships with important customers: “BFFs with the big shots – because VIP customer relationships are best built on trust, inside jokes, and stellar service.”

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