Fatal Leader Error – Failure To Listen

Failure to listen. A common leader flaw

In a survey by the Blanchard Companies, over 81% of executives surveyed indicated they had come across leaders who failed to listen. This is a rather startling statistic and suggests that leaders simply do not allocate enough time or commitment to staying in touch with the people in their organizations who actually carry out tasks and make the organization succeed or fail.

Here are a few reasons why leaders must listen more attentively to others, particular those below them in the organizational hierarchy.

  • Leaders need to know what’s going on and avoid the ivory tower syndrome or risk making bad decisions.
  • Leaders who do not listen well to others tend not to be listened to.
  • Listening and taking the ideas of others seriously, is part of creating a sense of being valued. Leaders who don’t do this tend to impair their ability to inspire loyalty.
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