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You Know You Are A “Real Writer” When….

People write for all kinds of reasons. Some do so because they feel it’s a good business strategy to create blog posts. Others write because they have a passion about a particular subject. There’s one element that will help you…

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Writing Tip: Words Are The Paintbrush

Think of your words as a paintbrush for the senses. EVOKE. Most amateur writers get lost in abstractions, abstract concepts, vagueness. Don’t say love. Tell me what love looks like. Paint it like DaVinci. Tell me what love smells like….

fountain pen on black lined paper

Writing Lesson: Glib, Cute, Idiot

It’s easy to mistake facility with language with poetic ability. Don’t. Wordplay, cuteness, glibness — all to show how damned clever you are just shows how lacking in substance your writing is. Cuteness, glibness cannot replace real insight, real ability…