Where does trust fit in terms of effective leadership?

Without Trust, Can There Be Effective Leadership?

Trust is one of the most critical elements in the leading-following equation. People who are in leadership roles in any organization cannot succeed over the long term unless there is some sense of trust from the followers in that organization. Force and coercion can replace trust as a glue that binds people together for a while, but not for the long haul

Followers need not love a leader. They need not like a leader. But to support a leader, and follow him or her, they need to have some sense of trust and confidence in that leader, both in their ability to perform competently and expertly, and confidence in the leader as a person.

Of course the question then comes up: What Kind of Trust Should Exist?

Employers and followers need to trust that the leader will act in their interests, and in the interests of achieving the goals that employees or followers desire. They need to trust that the leader has sufficient integrity to stand up for his or her beliefs, values and goals, and that many of those beliefs, goals and values mirror those of the followers. Leaders who act consistently and are somewhat predictable in their interpersonal behavior and decision-making also create trust around them.

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