What Is Communicating Via Time and Space?

Interpersonal Space and Punctuality/Time – Both Communicate!

Most people are aware that interpersonal space and how we use it communicates to others. We all have a kind of comfort zone where we are most comfortable communicating. Too close and we feel trapped or pressured, and too far away, and we may feel a distancing. Interpersonal space is part of the non-verbal communication world, and it’s also exceedingly culture bound, varying a lot from culture to culture, AND, it’s also dependent upon the relationship between the two parties.

It may surprise you to discover that how we handle time also communicates things to others, albeit sometimes what is communicated is not what we intend or mean. For example, if you are constantly late for meetings with a person, it’s probably the person will draw something from that, For example, he may start to believe you do not value his time or company, even if that’s not the case. You may simply be bad at managing your time.

Many people don’t consider that how they manage time with others sends messages. It’s worth thinking about, so you can reduce misunderstandings and misperceptions.

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