Getting Information From Others – A Leadership Skill

Communication – Key To Leadership Success

When most people think about communication linked to effective leadership, they usually think about “sending information” or communication TO others. That’s certainly important, but it’s easy to forget that getting information FROM others is as important, or even more important, than communicating TO others. Below is a brief outline of why it’s so important.

Leaders don’t exist in a vacuum. The process of decision-making which is a core element of leadership requires reliable and consistent information. This critical information doesn’t exist only at the top of the organization, but lies throughout the organization. Different information is available at the bottom, and in fact those at the bottom of the hierarchy have better information about core business activities than do those at the top. So, it’s critical that leaders can access that information. If they do not, they become out of touch and get caught in the “ivory tower syndrome”.

Answer this. What best creates staff loyalty and motivation? Is it talking TO, or LISTENING TO? The answer is straightforward. When a leader is seen as interested in the input of employees, employees will tend to see the leader as concerned about their welfare, and as someone who values their contributions. Getting information, or communicating by getting their contributions is far more powerful than exhortation or talking at.

So, the importance of this kind of communication is simple. Leaders need the information employees have, and employees will be far more loyal and commited when they perceive that leaders listen.

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