Author: Robert Bacal

Site owner, author, management consultant, trainer, specializing in dealing with difficult, angry, and hostile people.
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Toxic Organizations Cause Conflict — The Remedy Is Leadership

Welcome to the fire of an unhealthy workplace. Leadership may be the cure Summary: Some organizations have climates that are unhealthy for those that work in them. We call these organizations toxic organizations. Within toxic organizations conflict thrives like weeds….

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Expand Your Small Business By Expanding Your Mind: Defining Your Niche

One of the advantages small business have over larger companies is the ability to change direction, or expand directions “on a dime”. If you aren’t making changes, you are going to get buried by competitors you should be able to compete…

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A Typical Day — Why Technology is Worsening Both Customer Service and Customer Experience

In my short article entitled Has technology improved the customer experience in most companies? I put forth a number of reasons why technology is making customer service and customer experience worse. Here’s a typical 24 hour day — my day, in fact….

Small Business Owners Using Visualization to Stay Motivated

This is an excerpt from Perfect Phrases For Managing Your Small Business, which is available in book stores and at amazon. Please click the picture for more information. It happens to every small business owner. You get tired. Your motivation…

Cost Free Ways For Small Business To Compete With The “Big Boys”

It’s often the case that small businesses exist in a market that includes at least one, and often many other LARGE businesses or chains. On the surface of it, it would seem that the small business is in competition with…

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If You Think You “Understand” Millennials, It’s Time To Evaluate Your OWN Thinking

Oddly enough, the Millennial Generation, also referred to as Gen-Y, is not so well defined, even when it comes to the boundaries for who fits and who doesn’t. One common range runs from 1980–2000 although some people use a narrower…