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Writing Tip: Words Are The Paintbrush

Think of your words as a paintbrush for the senses. EVOKE. Most amateur writers get lost in abstractions, abstract concepts, vagueness. Don’t say love. Tell me what love looks like. Paint it like DaVinci. Tell me what love smells like….

fountain pen on black lined paper

Writing Lesson: Glib, Cute, Idiot

It’s easy to mistake facility with language with poetic ability. Don’t. Wordplay, cuteness, glibness — all to show how damned clever you are just shows how lacking in substance your writing is. Cuteness, glibness cannot replace real insight, real ability…

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Why And How Search Engines Are Failing You

You may finally be noticing that you simply cannot find what you need using Google and the other search engines. In fact, it’s fair to say that Google search results have slowly been declining in quality and usefulness over the…

Support Your Support Staff So They Can Support You

They usually do the most repetitive job tasks. They answer the phones, keep things organized, keep track of finances, make sure you have what you need when you need it, and are often the first contact a customer or member…

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What Sets Social Media Winners From Social Media Losers?

Perhaps it’s because I’m slowly reading “You Are Not A Gadget” By Jaron Lanier, but I’m getting more interested in the changes that society may undergo as a result of social media, and in turn, I’m interested in what is…