What are overstatements and generalizations?

Blatant generalizations are essentially “overstatements”, or exaggerations, and usually contain words like always, never, every time, etc. Apart from the fact that these kinds of generalizations are almost always inaccurate, untruthful, or plain wrong, their use tends to provoke other people to “destroy” your argument or point, just on principle.

Why? Because when you use always, or other overstatements, you present yourself as an “expert in your own eyes, while at the same time presenting false information to win a point. Nobody likes someone who conveys absolute certainty and arrogance while being wrong. Hence people react badly to these kinds of overstatements and generalizations.

They add no factual or probative value to a conversation, are often used to manipulate or win, even when the case presented is poor, and damage relationships. Don’t use them.


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