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Videos: Taking The Pain, Making The Gains From Performance Reviews

Taking The Pain, Making The Gains From Performance Reviews (Free video training)

Even if you are not able to purchase our various tools that will help you take away the pain of performance reviews, and "make the gains" from Performance Management, feel free to browse our videos on various aspects of evaluating and improving both organizational, company wide performance right through to improving the productivity of each employee..

 Why Companies Should NEVER Rank Employees As Part of Performance Management

Here's the scoop. In the end ranking employees rewards employees for actually doing harm. Unbelievable? Here's the video:

Bringing Performance Appraisal and Performance Management Into THIS Century (Videos For Modernizing Performance Management

The original ideas of employee reviews, and managing performance come from the 1950's and 1960's and are in desperate need of updating. Here's how in this series of videos.

Part 1: Two Steps To Modernize Performance Management

How Most Companies Are Screwing Up With Rating Employee Performance (video)

Rating employees using some form of scale is the most common method used in many businesses to review employee performance. In this free video you'll learn the almost universal error they make.

More coming soon!