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Bacal & Associates was founded in 1992 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada as a consulting and training company focusing on helping government departments and government employees do their jobs more effectively. Over time the company evolved by adding various learning tools and books to it's helping arsenal. We also began to expand our focus by working with private sector companies and educational institutions.

In 2004 the company moved to Casselman, Ontario (a small town near Ottawa, and about a ninety minute drive from Montreal. The move was prompted by a desire to return to the area, where Robert Bacal grew up and went to school (Montreal - Toronto - Ottawa triangle).

Since moving, Robert has written and published a number of successful books, some of which have been translated into multiple languages and for sale worldwide. During that time he was "partly-retired" from seminar, and keynote delivery, primarily to reduce travel (the tired road warrior syndrome).

In 2011, Robert decided to return to the training and keynote world, and is now available for seminar delivery, conference keynotes, and other live appearances. He missed it.

Implications For Your Purchases

While we are a small company and you may not have heard of us, we've been in business for 20 years. If you have concerns about the quality of the resources we produce, consider that Robert Bacal's books have sold close to 500,000 copies worldwide. We work according to tried and trued business and integrity principles, which is one reason we're still around long after many small competitors have long disappeared.

All the products in this store have been written by CEO, Robert Bacal, and not farmed out to less experienced practitioners and writers. Robert Bacal brings to the table, a combination of academic study in Psychology, an depth experience as a consultant and trainer, and a track record of producing useable, valuable learning tools.

There is probably more that you might want to know -- Robert's biography and qualifications, clarification of formats we can provide for our learning tools and more. Go back to the main ABOUT PAGE by clicking here.