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Privacy and Trust

Your Information Is Private and Never Shared

If you aren't concerned about protecting your personal information you should be, as more and more information about customers is used to target ads, often without your knowledge.

We don't like it, and neither should you, so let's reassure you about what happens to any personal information you provide on this site.

Most Important - Payment Information

The information you supply to us for the purposes of payment is not even visible or available to us. For example, when you enter in your credit card number (and other personal information) it's encrypted for security, and sent directly to the company that processes the credit card transaction. Personal information you are required to include in your order (name, proper address, phone, etc) are required by the credit card company to verify you are who you say you are.

Information You Might Enter to Create A Bacal & Associates Account

You need not create a profile on this site to use it or to order products. Doing so makes things a bit more convenient for you since you can track orders, use the account to ask questions about your order, and so on.

If you do create an account with us, we will NOT use your information to send unsolicited email (or, for that matter, anything else). If you would like to be updated on new products, sales and giveaways, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

We will NEVER share or sell any of your personal information to anyone. Period.

Trust - Yours and Ours

We know that trust is an important part of any online transaction. I'm not going to say: "trust me", since anyone, honest or dishonest, can do that. However, to help you feel more comfortable consider the following:

Our telephone number is (613) 764-0241 and often if you call us, you'll get the boss. Got a problem. Need clarification? You can call. Yes, you may have to leave a message, but we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. No phone trees, no muzak, nothing like that.

Our email is, and has always been publicly posted prominently on our sites. We get about 400 spam messages a day, yet we still make it easy to contact us. And, in case you are wondering, the email we provide: is the mail account of owner Robert Bacal.

We've been in business for twenty years, much of it online. We started out "here to stay", and...well, we stayed!

Finally, trust works best when it goes both ways. We can't expect you to trust us, if we don't show our trust for you. So we do.

Our books and LearnBytes Helpcards -- the downloadable versions - do not contain any means of stopping you from copying the content. Why? Because all the copy protection methods simply make it harder for legitimate customers to use our material, and pirates are always figuring out how to steal stuff.

So, we trust you to abide by copyright laws. If you buy one copy, then please only make one copy. If you want to distribute more copies to peers or employees, we can give you a great bulk rate on most things, if you just ask, or you can buy additional copies in this store.

If you find our material useful, and you want to see more produced, support us by not making illegal copies.