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Mini-Guides LearnBytes [Downloadable]

Downloadable Mini-Guides: The Fast Way To Learn

We're all busy, and it gets harder and harder to find the time to read a complete non-fiction book on a topic, even if it's an important one to help us with our careers, or our personal lives. TIME is our most scarce resource.

To help you on the road to continuous improvement, whether at home and at work, we've created very short, concise and condensed "mini-guides" on a number of topics. 

We try to keep your reading time down to under twenty minutes, but without sacrificing your ability to learn, think about, and apply the principles and skills to your everyday lives.

Benefits: Power Of Our Mini-Guides

  1. Mini-Guides contain all of the key points you need on a topic so you can apply them immediately. Whether you are a manager wanting to learn about performance management, or an employee or "regular person" wanting to improve your conflict and communication skills, we cover essentials. The upshot is that our mini-guides are applicable to solving your problems.
  2. Mini-Guides are downloadable immediately. We know that when you feel the need to get better at something, you want information NOW, not next week as you wait for delivery of printed matter. 
  3. Mini-Guides are affordable. In the past we've offered our mini-guides in printed format, but we found that our customers appreciated the "instant" nature, PLUS significantly lower costs, because we eliminate shipping charge, and production charges. That means savings for you.
  4. Mini-Guides can be licensed via bulk purchases. A number of our customers like the material so much that they want to distribute them in meetings, or for use in courses and training. When you order multiple copies of the same mini-guide, bulk discounts are applied automatically. You download ONE digital copy, and then can reproduces it in print, if you like up to the number purchases (or licensed).
  5. Mini-Guides are job aids. Many of our customers keep our mini-guides on hand where they work, to refer when they need the information, or as reminders. For example, our Defusing Hostility Mini-Guide contains many of the techniques and strategies essential for staff who deal with dififcult, rude and nasty customers. Many keep a copy of the mini-guide at their work station, so they can refer to it periodically during the day, to remind themselves to USE the skills.

Mini-Guides Aren't For Everyone

Mini guides aren't complete books with hundreds of pages, so if you prefer something longer, they may not be for you. That's OK, because we also offer those longer books too. 

However they WILL work for you if you:

  • Have limited time (or energy) to read complete books on a topic that is important to you.
  • Need to address a problem in your work or interpersonal life NOW, not next week.
  • Need handouts and job aids to use with staff and you KNOW they aren't going to read long books.

then, our mini-guides are an excellent fit. If you are ready to browse, check out our catalog below.

  • Page one of this essential guide to using videotaped feedback
    $9.95 Best Practices: Using Videotaped Feedback In Training And Learning
    Using Video Feedback For Learning And Training Not So Simple Trainers, teachers, counsellors, university professors and a number of others involved in helping others develop both professional and interpersonal skills often...
  • Communicating Cooperatively In The Workplace Mini-Guide
    $12.95 $7.95 Communicating Cooperatively In The Workplace Mini-Guide
    Reduce Conflict At Work By Changing The Words And Phrases You Use: LearnBytes You can learn to improve your workplace relationships by making some small, and easy accomplished changes to the way you use language. The...
  • How To Make Strategic Plans Come Alive
    $12.95 Strategic Planning Mini-Guide Pack
    The Strategic Planning Mini-Guide: An Integrated Strategic Planning Model PLUS Making Your Strategic Plan A Living, Relevant Influence We've combined two of our popular LearnByte Mini-Guides on strategic planning to bring...
  • The Uncommon Art And Science Of Giving Feedback
    $9.99 The Uncommon Art And Science Of Giving Feedback
    You give feedback every day, even if you aren't realizing it. Whether it's with a spouse, your child, a co-worker, or an employee, or if you are a trainer or group and learning facilitator, it will be a rare day if you...
  • Dealing WIth A Disappointing Performance Evaluation
    $9.96 Dealing WIth A Disappointing Performance Evaluation
    Imagine the scenario: You walk into your annual performance review, expecting to be rated highly, and guess what? You receive less favorable comments and evaluations than you thought. Or worse, your manager's opinion of your...