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Customer Service

Are your angry, difficult and even aggressive customers driving you around the bend? Do you leave work thinking, "If only I'd said this" in response to insults and verbal abuse from customers? Are you tired of feeling intimidated and out of control when dealing with stubborn and hard to work with clients?

If so, it's time to build your skills so you:

  • reduce the time you spend dealing with rude customers
  • reduce the stresses you experience as a result of working with challenging customers
  • feel more in control and on top of difficult customer situations
  • can turn angry customers around so they become "raving fans"
  • increase customer retention
  • reduce escalated complaints going to managers and supervisors

The benefits from learning defusing customer skills are so huge for company, management and customer service representative that it's crazy not to invest in our books to help you develop the skills.

We have several learning options for you as outlined in this catalog section.

More About Our Books On Customer Service and Dealing With Difficult Customers (Free Video)

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