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CEO Robert Bacal's Short Biography

During a seminar break, Robert meets a new participant in his seminar.About The Author

When you consider buying books or similar material, one of the first questions you ask is: "Who wrote this?". The next question is "Is this person a credible authority about the content"? After all there's a lot of poor quality books and lots of bad advice out there.

Here's a bit about Robert Bacal, the creator and author of the books and LearnBytes availabe here to help you develop your careers, your relationships and improve your quality of life.

About Robert Bacal - The Basics

One of the things about being older is that you've gained a lot of experience, and done a lot of different things during your career. That's a really good thing, except when it comes time to do resumes and biographies. You just have to leave some things out!

Overall, his books have sold several hundred thousand copies worldwide, and been translated into Spanish, Chinese, German, Spanish and French.

Here's my short biographic sketch. If you want even more information feel free to email me.

Robert has been providing customer service information and expertise to clients for over 20 years, first with the Manitoba Government, and then with Bacal & Associates. Robert developed the first customer service program for Manitoba government to help government employees deal with difficult, aggressive and even potentially violent customers. Since then, he's advanced the art of defusing customers, and has delivered his Defusing Hostile Customers Seminar to several thousand customers, ranging from those working in the security and immigration enforcement fields, through to teachers, principals and social workers.

As a result of requests for customer service help, he wrote the Defusing Hostile Customer Workbook, essentially a seminar in a book to help those that could not attend his seminars. He followed up with Conflict Prevention In The Workplace - Using Cooperative Communication, a book intended to help people reduce the unnecessary and usually destructive conflict in their lives.

In 2004 he authored Perfect Phrases For Customer Service, published by McGraw-Hill, a unique approach to helping people learn to interact more effectively with customers. In addition he is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dealing With Difficult Employees (Alpha Press), and a number of other books on management, through McGraw-Hill. Want to see a list of titles, click here.

Bacal & Associate seminars on customer service break out of the cookie cutter mold training available elsewhere. Each seminar is based on a needs assessment done with the client to determine content. Real examples from the client's workplace are included. For more information, please call at (613) 764-0241, since, due to the custom nature of the seminars, details will depend on your needs.

Additional Information

Robert holds a B. A. from Concordia University in Montreal, in Psychology, and an M.A. in Applied Psychology from the University of Toronto (Ontario Institute For Studies In Education. He uses his advanced training in Psychology and communication to draw upon for both the content or his books and seminars in customer service.

Robert is located near Ottawa, Canada, in a small town called Casselman. He is available for seminars within North America, and also for conference and speaking engagements.