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Why leadership coaching for development often falls short
Leadership coaches abound, but the truth is that a lot of leadership coaching does nothing but cost money and time. Here's why. (24-Apr-2015)

Why is most communication training misleading?
Why is most communication training misleading?

Why do the same words mean different things to different people?
Why do the same words mean different things to different people?

What leadership skills do nonprofit emerging leaders need to succeed? (Millennials)
A little mistitled since this is really about the skills millennials need to lead in nonprofit environments, but there's good content in the article. (24-Apr-2015)

What is cooperative communication?
What is cooperative communication?

Using Self-Talk To Manage Your Anger LearnBytes Helpcard (download)
Using Self-Talk To Manage Your Anger LearnBytes Helpcard (download)

Completely Free:


How Much Does Your Anger Affect Your Life?

Frustration and anger go with our high stress, high anxiety, too fast world. If you would like to get better at managing your anger, read on.


Almost everyone in..

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The Customer Service and Customer Experience Home Page
This mega-portal offers a huge array of customer service and customer experience resources to learn from, and we welcome customer service representatives, call center employees, managers and customers. Read, Learn, Discuss. It's all free.

Righting your ship after job loss, Part II : Jobs
Layoffs abound. Here are some suggestions on how to manage your life if you've experienced a job loss. (29-Apr-2013)

Is Your Sales Process Broken? A must-read book extract on Sales Process Improvement. Free Download

Let’s be honest. Sales in a typical organization (most organizations in fact), is seriously broken. But rather than focusing on the obvious dysfunction, management is busy with incremental improvement initiatives such as:

1.    Sales training
2.    Sales force automation 
3.    Bolt-on lead-generation activities 
4.    New commission structures and incentives

Trouble is, none of these activities actually address the root cause of the dysfunction. Sure, they may offer a temporary lift but things always go back to the way they were!

This eBook, The Machine, presents a radically different approach to the design and management of the sales function. It challenges the standard sales models and presents a new environment where salespeople just sell.
And an environment where all other activities are performed by a tightly synchronized, head-office-based, sales-support team.

We call this new way of thinking Sales Process Engineering (SPE). Those organizations that apply SPE discover the following benefits:

1.    A huge increase in the volume of sales appointments (on a per-capita basis)
2.    A significant increase in the territory that can be covered by the existing sales team
3.    A dramatic improvement in customer-service quality
4.    NO increase in operating expenses

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Delegation For Managers Mini-Guide - The no cost path to better productivity for you and your department. (download)
Delegation For Managers Mini-Guide - The no cost path to better productivity for you and your department. (download)

Multiple benefits of delegation go way beyond saving timeDelegation For Manage..

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Customer Service Zone Free Library For Better Customer Service
Customer Service Zone - The place to get help and learn about customer service issues. Learn about difficult customers, and develop your customer service skills.

CIO eBook: Why Big Data is a Big Deal
This CIO eBook explores how to deploy Hadoop applications faster and easier with a workload automation solution that simplifies and automates Hadoop batch processing and connected enterprise workflows.

Read the eBook to learn:
  • The role-and challenges—of Hadoop in Big Data application development
  • Six considerations for a Hadoop proof-of-concept initiative
  • How to connect Hadoop to other enterprise data sources and applications

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Building Bridges Between Home And School: The Educator's/Teacher's Guide To Dealing With Emotional And Upset Parent
Building Bridges Between Home And School: The Educatorand#039;s/Teacher's Guide To Dealing With Emotional And Upset Parent

Teachers and school administrators work hard just to keep up with the challenges of teaching children and young adults, but part of the job is also to communicate with, and work with parents as partners.

Unfortunately, often because parents care so much about t..

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About Bacal & Associates
Want to find out about Bacal andamp; Associates? Here it is.

API Economy for Dummies
This eBook is your guide to applying the power of APIs to business challenges ranging from changing business models to embracing a world of devices and sensors.

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A Better Way to Find Jobs on LinkedIn
I don't think there's any doubt that LinkedIn is the king of social networking for business. It's a great platform with lots of features and high traffic. But when it comes to using it for career advancement, most people use it poorly. They dutifully establish a profile and create the compulsory network of friends and coworkers with a handful of people from their past and present. Until they lose their job. And then as "everyone" tells them to do, they begin "networking" to find a job. They reach out to their network, letting them know they're in the market for a new position. (27-May-2013)

3 Ways LinkedIn Just Made It Easier to Find a Job
If you're unemployed, or know someone who is, I want to tell you about the new, useful ways the LinkedIn Jobs page lets you search for employment. As you likely know, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site. I'm a longtime fan, so I was eager to see whether its enhancements for job seekers were merely hype or truly helpful. A few weeks back, I reviewed the new Social Jobs app on Facebook and though it had some practical features for job hunters I felt it was too laborious. By contrast, LinkedIn's new features really do make looking for work easier (22-Apr-2013)