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Writing A Book: Publishing In PDF Format: #Docstoc vs. #Scribd (One Fail, One Great)
When I write a book, I do things a bit differently if Iand#8217;m going to self-publish vs. try to publish with a major publisher, and one thing I look at for self-publishing is how I’ll be selling the book once…

Why is most communication training misleading?
Why is most communication training misleading?

Why do the same words mean different things to different people?
Why do the same words mean different things to different people?

What is cooperative communication?
What is cooperative communication?

Video 08: What Angry Distraught Customers Need In Order To Calm Down
You canand#8217;t be effective with angry complaining customers unless you understand what they need, psychologically speaking, to &"let go of their anger”, and calm down so they are willing to work with you, rather than shout at you. The various…

Using Self-Talk To Manage Your Anger LearnBytes Helpcard (download)
Using Self-Talk To Manage Your Anger LearnBytes Helpcard (download)

Completely Free:


How Much Does Your Anger Affect Your Life?

Frustration and anger go with our high stress, high anxiety, too fast world. If you would like to get better at managing your anger, read on.


Almost everyone in..

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The New American Workplace Research Kit - Includes a Free $8.50 Book Summary
The New American Workplace Research Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your workforce solutions. This kit includes The New American Workplace Summary eBook that normally is $8.50. The U.S. government's Work in America report received national acclaim and front-page coverage in media across the United States when it was published 30 years ago. In The New American Workplace, the long-awaited follow-up to the bestselling Work in America, authors James O'Toole and Edward E. Lawler III provide a comprehensive, authoritative picture of the state of the workplace today.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your workforce research:
  • The New American Workplace
  • 5 Ways to Avoid the Engagement Abyss
  • Creating a Smarter Workforce for Market Leadership
  • A Manager's Guide to Perfecting Performance Management: How to Transform Your Employee Review Process

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The Customer Service and Customer Experience Home Page
This mega-portal offers a huge array of customer service and customer experience resources to learn from, and we welcome customer service representatives, call center employees, managers and customers. Read, Learn, Discuss. It's all free.

Smashing Mobile Web Development--Free Sample Chapter

If you're a devoted reader of Smashing Magazine, you know that all development roads now lead to mobile, so desktop-browser-based web developers need to get up to speed and soon. Start migrating your abilities to mobile with this terrific book. It first helps you make the switch to HTML5 and CSS3, before teaching you how to apply those skills to build websites that work across all mobile devices and mobile browsers.

Topics include using wireframes and templates, understanding frameworks such as jQuery Mobile, getting up to speed on newer technologies such as Boilerplate, and more.

  • Essential guide for web developers who want to build websites that work across all mobile devices and mobile browsers
  • Explains the essential tools you'll need for web mobile, including HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery Mobile
  • Brings you up to speed on newer tools such as Boilerplate
  • Keeps your professional skills up to date with today's technology trends

By the time you finish Smashing Mobile Web Development, you'll have built your own mobile website that incorporates geolocation, social media, and more.

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Righting your ship after job loss, Part II : Jobs
Layoffs abound. Here are some suggestions on how to manage your life if you've experienced a job loss. (29-Apr-2013)

Misheard Lyric Faves: Elton John – Your Song
Misheard As: I sat on the roof and kicked at the moths Original Lyric From My Song, By Elton John I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss and#160;

How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job
Searching for a job can suck if you constrain yourself to the typical tools such as online jobs boards, trade publications, CraigsList, and networking with only your close friends. In these kinds of times, you need to use all the weapons that you can, and one that many people don't--or at least don't use to the fullest extent, is LinkedIn. Executives from all the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn. Most have disclosed what they do, where they work now, and where they've worked in the past. Talk about a target-rich environment, and the service is free. Here are ten tips to help use LinkedIn to find a job. (22-Apr-2013)

Delegation For Managers LearnBytes Helpcard - The no cost path to better productivity for you and your department. (download)
Delegation For Managers LearnBytes Helpcard - The no cost path to better productivity for you and your department. (download)

Delegation For Managers Helpcard - The no cost path to better productivity for you and your department.

Develop the skills of your employees, improve morale and employee engagement AND have more time in your day? No kidding! And bes..

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Customer Service Zone Free Library For Better Customer Service
Customer Service Zone - The place to get help and learn about customer service issues. Learn about difficult customers, and develop your customer service skills.

CA Clarity Project & Portfolio Management
By leveraging Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions, organizations can gain visibility into projects and improve decision making while balancing costs and driving more business value. And PPM solutions delivered through cost-effective means, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), can significantly reduce implementation and maintenance costs while speeding time to value. But realizing the benefits of PPM technology solutions depends not only on using the right system, but also the right approach.

Read this eBook on how you can take a prescriptive approach to a simpler, faster and more cost effective Project & Portfolio Management path to success.

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Building Bridges Between Home And School: The Educator's/Teacher's Guide To Dealing With Emotional And Upset Parent
Building Bridges Between Home And School: The Educatorand#039;s/Teacher's Guide To Dealing With Emotional And Upset Parent

Important: Due to contractual arrangements this PDF version will be available AFTER Feb. 6, 2014. Until then please purchase the Kindle or Print versions as indicated at the bottom of this page.

Price: $13.95

Beware the Pitfalls of 360 Feedback
"Our parent company had us go through 360 degree feedback," one of the local vice-presidents explained. "I got my results in a group meeting, read them over, and put them away." The other members of the Executive Team nodded in agreement. None of them had gotten anything constructive out of the experience. The parent company did not get the results it hoped for, and it damaged its own credibility at the local level. 360 degree feedback is increasingly popular in business today. "360 degrees" means that participants get feedback from the full circle of those around them. For example, an executive might get rated on how well he displays certain leadership behaviors. Raters could include his boss, his peers, his own direct reports, himself, and possibly customers and vendors. The results give the participant the chance to compare his own view of himself with that of others. It gives us the chance to see ourselves as others see us.

Alternatives to Performance Appraisals
Brief overview of peer reviews, performance PREVIEWS, self-reviews, and coaching as alternatives to the traditional performance reviews.

About Bacal & Associates
Want to find out about Bacal andamp; Associates? Here it is.

A Better Way to Find Jobs on LinkedIn
I don't think there's any doubt that LinkedIn is the king of social networking for business. It's a great platform with lots of features and high traffic. But when it comes to using it for career advancement, most people use it poorly. They dutifully establish a profile and create the compulsory network of friends and coworkers with a handful of people from their past and present. Until they lose their job. And then as "everyone" tells them to do, they begin "networking" to find a job. They reach out to their network, letting them know they're in the market for a new position. (27-May-2013)